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Welcome to Susan Lake Photography: a place for those who love to take pictures to record memories of travel and family and fun but aren’t professionals. This is a site for the rest of us.

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We’ve all seen those sitcom episodes where an unsuspecting guest is invited to see a family’s vacation pictures. It just goes on and on and on. The family loves it. There are countless “oh, yes, remember when dad fell off the cliff” comments. As someone who hadn’t been there, though, it’s mind numbing at best. So how does one take pictures you and others want to see? That’s the goal of this blog.

Search for photography on the web and you’ll find countless articles and blogs on how to be a great photographer. I love those discussions about lens choices and the right camera brand. But if I’m honest, I know that I’m just a bystander who likes to take pictures. Maybe that’s you too. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will just talk about the commonplace problems those of us who just  like to travel and then take home pictures from our adventures face while away and then at home. We will leave the professionals to their field. This is ours.

Playing With Animation

I’ve been experimenting with animating some of my images. Come see some of my holiday ones. The original image of the stockings is at the top. I’m using an app called PhotoLeap that lets me add these cool animations. Too much fun.

Missed That Great Shot? Consider Crowdsourcing as a Solution

By Susan E L Lake  ©2022 SusanLakePhotography.com For those of us who must view the world through a bus window (not the best way but the only option for some of us), the question is always “which side of the bus is going to get the best pics?” I can tell you from personal experience…

Morning Play: Or Another Use For Photographs

By Susan E L Lake  ©2022 SusanLakePhotography.com For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you will have seen me often posting “morning play” photographs. These are images that I have modified using a variety of apps on my iPad. This is not the same as editing for contrast or sharpening to make my…

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